Our Brand, Our History
We currently operate more than 600 fully-serviced Sushi Kiosks across Europe under the Sushi Daily brand name – our Sushi Kiosks are mainly in and outside of grocery stores, supermarkets, airports and train stations. What clearly differentiates us is our thoroughly trained Sushi Artisans who freshly prepare the Sushi in front of customers with great passion and skill.
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A Promise to a Master of Sushi
Sushi Daily’s history & heritage started with Kelly Choi founder of the KellyDeli Company, the parent company of the Sushi Daily brand. They made a promise to Yamamoto-San, a famous Master of Sushi, friend and mentor, to become the European leader in Sushi Kiosks using their traditional know-how and fantastic product innovations. Get to know us, watch our company video.
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In order to offer great and incomparable quality products to our customers, our Sushi is always freshly prepared on the spot on a daily basis at our Sushi Kiosks. This includes cooking our signature rice, as well as preparing and cutting our fresh fish and vegetables.

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At KellyDeli, our ambition is to keep innovating and bring high quality healthy food products to as many people as possible in various countries. We are a fast-moving company who are always looking for highly motivated people to join us in our adventure – we offer many exciting business and career opportunities so visit our Join Us page for more information.