First Open your eyes,

At Bam’Bu, we are proud to offer you a taste of all the flavours of Asia. Our international recipes invite you to discover the authentic methods used by our chefs and enjoy a culinary experience of surprises, promising a true journey for the senses.

Then, open your mouth,

We firmly believe that it is possible to surprise your taste buds with food that is tasty, healthy and varied. Because a good, balanced meal starts with fresh ingredients carefully selected for their taste and quality from our irreproachable supply chain.

And never stop travelling…

We believe above all that cuisine is a real journey. Delicious food, prepared every day on request, can transport gastronomic and curious souls to faraway lands. At Bam’Bu, this is the state of mind that we want to share.

Our Manifesto

We’re always excited to meet new potential partners. To apply to open a kiosk with us, please fill in the form below. 
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