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Our values define our culture: how we communicate, how we work, how we grow as individuals and as a collective. They keep us true—not only to our founder’s way of doing things, but to each other and to ourselves.

If these values speak to you, then you will find working at KellyDeli every bit as rewarding as we do.

KellyDeli Voices

We asked our staff to say how they feel about working here. Here’s what they said:

‘‘KellyDeli has a family culture where you feel at home, surrounded by people you feel close to, who you can open up to and talk to.’

‘Communication is simple and easy as everyone is accessible and open-minded. Sharing experiences and supporting each other is a natural trait within the KellyDeli family!’

‘Your ideas can flourish here. You can be passionate and enthusiastic and it’s completely normal.’

‘KellyDeli’s culture is inspired by certain pillars that hold strong in the Japanese culture: the hospitality, the politeness, the sense of service, the pleasant atmosphere.’

‘This isn’t a job, it’s a family. We’re valued for our human qualities.’

‘KellyDeli is a place where you can work and have fun at the same time.’ 

‘To say that we’re all foodies...might be a bit of an understatement ’

We believe in being…


We are a family. As a family, we foster each other’s unique talents—allowing us to flourish as individuals, and as a unit.


We never stop looking for fresh possibilities and insights into ourselves, into the company, into the marketplace and into the way we work. Innovation doesn’t just help us fulfil our potential: it expands it. 


We push ourselves to remain the experts in our field. We encourage each other to deliver more than is expected. And we consistently raise the bar on what’s possible.


We never forget our roots. We also remember that honesty got us where we are today. So we are honest with everyone we deal with: our customers, our suppliers and each other.


We love what we do, and we’re proud to show it. This positive, motivated attitude helps us face any situation we come across, every single day.

When we work for these values, these values work for us.

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