A lot. Operating a Sushi Daily kiosk includes: use of the brand name, trademarks, kiosk design, menu book with original recipes, operational manuals, systems, and methods. Additionally, you will receive support in these specific areas:

Access to prime locations: inside major retailers’ selling space

Quality: regular audits and training to make sure quality and hygiene standards are always met

Support in dealing with local business authorities

Access to the existing network of partners

Organized events with other partners and our support team

Training: pre-opening and post-opening on the art of sushi making, food hygiene, inventory, logistics management, among others

Facility planning on site, architectural design and kiosk set-up

Ongoing Marketing: campaigns, new products, operational marketing, digital, etc.

Access to exclusive and competitive prices of raw materials: favourable national suppliers contract

Excellence in operations: through company operating manuals, policies, procedures, and business management systems

Ongoing support from members of the operational team