What is the Sushi Daily concept?

1. Ultra high quality sushi, made fresh daily on the premises:

  • Daily preparation of sushi in front of customers by experienced chefs for same day consumption.
  • Sushi creation takes place in an attractive and cleverly designed, space-optimised Sushi Bar.
  • Our Sushi Bar ranges from 8 to 16 sqm with 3 to 4 sides visible to the customer. It also features an integrated kitchen, working area and refrigerated display.
  • A large selection of freshly made “to-go” products.

2. An innovative incremental source of revenue for your location with very high sales-per-square-meter. A Sushi Daily kiosk could potentially generate up 2.0m Euro per year or up to 5.0% of the total food sales of a supermarket. *For the avoidance of doubt, the sales generated by a Sushi Daily kiosk would depend on the kiosk location, personal commitment from the partners operating the kiosk and/or any other factors.

3. A source of customer-pleasing “show business”, with our skilled sushi chefs showcasing the art of preparing authentic sushi in front of customers. Our experience has been that this serves to attract customers to the store, as well as to strengthen their loyalty and inclination to purchase.

4. A fully integrated solution, fully outsourced to the operator of the largest sushi kiosk network in Europe.

5. A flexible Company for a dynamic market, from grocery retail to travel retail or any high footfall location.