What are the benefits to your stores and your customers ?

  • Entertainment: A centre of attraction and “show business” for the customers, who enjoy watching the experienced sushi chefs performing their culinary art in front of them.
  • Set apart from competition: Provide innovation and differentiation offering with a focus on quality, freshness and convenience (food to go).
  • High quality food: An excellent alternative to other forms of fast foods, such as sandwiches and pizzas, with a better taste/nutrition/price/aesthetic mix.
  • We bring in new traffic of a younger demographic with high purchasing power (our customers are mainly 16-35 years old)
  • Loyalty: More faithful customers (some of our customers come by more than 3 times per week to buy sushi).
  • Additional source of revenue and profit.
  • Trusted partner: An integral solution fully outsourced to an expert who can masterfully manage all key aspects of the concept: product freshness and innovation, staff recruiting and training, logistics, and food safety.

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