Our Brand, Our History

Sushi Daily – Happily Handmade, Your Sushi Artisans

Sushi Daily offers fully-serviced sushi bars and kiosks that are mainly in and outside of grocery stores, supermarkets, airports and train stations across Europe. The sushi kiosk bars have skilled live Sushi chefs (our Artisans) that prepare and cook the products freshly in front of your eyes on a daily basis – focusing on both entertainment and preparation of high quality sushi at the same time.


The History of Sushi Daily - A Promise to a Famous Sushi Master

Sushi Daily’s history & heritage started with Kelly & Jerome, CEO & founders of KellyDeli.  They made a promise to Yamamoto-San, a famous Sushi Master, to become well-known across Europe and offer sushi of the highest quality to their customers using their traditional know-how and fantastic innovations. Yamamoto-San was among the very first to open a Japanese restaurant in France and also cooked for the Japanese Embassy many times in France as well as for different French Presidents.

Our Company 2 - Sushi Daily

Facing the Impossible

Sticking to their promise, Kelly & Jerome decided to introduce the first Sushi shop-in-shop concept to the European Retail Sector. “Impossible!” people said at the beginning, but impossible isn’t the ‘’Sushi Daily Way’’.

Starting a long success story

In 2010, after a lot of hard work and sending a letter explaining the concept to the CEO of Carrefour, a French multinational retailer, Sushi Daily was born on October 24th in Ecully in Lyon, France.  This was just the beginning of a long success story…

Sushi Daily today

We are the European leader of running sushi bars and kiosks in Europe with Sushi Daily as our brand – keeping on growing and bringing Happily Handmade Sushi crafted by our skilled Artisans to our satisfied customers.

Key facts

– 2500 employees
– 6 countries
– More than 400 sushi kiosks
– Many happy customers


We teamed up with our friends over at Wenderfalck for this one and they were collaborating like kings.

Key Milestones

August 24th 2010: Very 1st Sushi Daily Kiosk opening in France Ecully (Lyon)
April 28th 2011: First Sushi Daily Kiosk opening in Spain Alcobendas (Madrid)
August 2011: First kiosk in Belgium in Brussels
April 11th 2013: First Sushi Daily Kiosk opening in Italy Assago (Milano)
September 2013: First kiosk in Germany in Hamburg
October 15th 2013: First Sushi Daily Kiosk opening in Netherlands in Albert Heijn Gelderlanplein (Amsterdam)
November 2014: 300th kiosk in Europe
September 2015: 400th kiosk

The Sushi Daily Brand Concept

At Sushi Daily, we have a unique range of beautiful, innovative, Japanese-inspired fusion food that is handmade and crafted to perfection by our highly skilled Sushi Artisans right in front of your eyes at our Sushi Bars.

Our Sushi Artisans have learnt everything they know from our founder Kelly and Sushi Master Yamamoto-San. Each and every piece of sushi they make is a work of art and is designed to provide you with the most incredible Japanese-inspired food experience

Our Company 3- Sushi Daily

The Joy of Sharing, Happily Handmade

Throughout the day, you can observe the amazing techniques of our Sushi Artisans whose sushi is made live in front of you, is extremely fresh and is to be enjoyed on the same day. Our Sushi Artisans are extremely passionate about their art and they want you discover our various Japanese-inspired cuisine.