Where can I find a Sushi Daily kiosk?
Please refer to our kiosk finder map*

How much money do I need to invest?
The investment is considerably smaller than if you’re opening your own restaurant. On average, you will need between 30,000 – 40,000€ for access to a Sushi Daily kiosk.

What regions are available?
We are offering Sushi Daily kiosks in many locations around Europe

Do I need to be involved in the day-to-day management and operations?
Yes, KellyDeli is looking for people who actively manage the kiosk and not just for investment purposes. Sushi Daily is a full time business and requires hands-on involvement from both partners.

Do I need previous restaurant or business experience? 
Although Sushi Daily actively searches for candidates with a strong background in business management or strong food industry experience, however, it is not mandatory and we would review every case.

Would I need to hire any employees?
Yes, the number of employees will depend on the turnover and size of the kiosk. Since the kiosk is opened 6-7 days per week throughout the entire day, you would need at least 3 people working in the kiosk.

How do you attract customers in the supermarket’s busy environment?
We operate a full service kiosk and prepare our products in front of our customers, creating a unique show business experience. Also, tasting sessions are run throughout the busiest time in the supermarket to interact with customers and give them a chance to try our delicious products.

Can I operate more than one kiosk (in the long term)? 
Of course! If a successful partnership is accomplished for over a year between both parties and you want and can manage additional kiosks, we would happily consider the opportunities.

What are the opening hours of a Sushi Daily kiosk? 
Kiosks operate within grocery retailers and thus we are subject to their opening hours.

Which are the legal requirements to join Sushi Daily? 
You must have the right to work in the country and right to open a Limited Liability Company.

What does the training look like?
Training lasts up to two months. You will receive training on Production, Sales, Team Management, and Administration. The training is deeply important for both KellyDeli and you to ensure the concept is executed to the highest standards set. +continuous training pre and post opening

What royalty/commission fee do I have to pay?
There is an annual fee and a monthly commission based on a percentage of sales.

Can I create my own recipes?
Over the years Sushi Daily has found that it is the simplicity and focus of our menu that has proven to be a critical aspect of our success. It is our recipes and our way of production that ensure high quality products that appeal to many customers. But you, as a partner, can submit specific requests and ideas of proposed menu changes. We will then test and trial these ideas based on their fit to our brand, our menu and local customs.

I am interested in developing a market outside of your established market presence, what should I do?
Please contact us to evaluate the potential of opening in new countries.