Discover Genmai, the authentic Japanese brown rice

Posted by Luciana Marino Category: WHAT'S NEWS

We are very excited, we are launching our brand NEW Genmaï product range.  ‘Genmai’ means ‘Brown Rice’ in Japanese.

What are the benefits of Genmaï?

  • Genmai contains almost three times more fibre than white rice.
  • Genmai is much higher in protein.
  • Genmai gives us a slow release of energy. When we eat white rice, that energy is consumed instantly while brown gives us the energy as we need it.
  • Genmai is very rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium are all beneficial for our bones, our nervous system and our muscles.
  • Genmai helps absorb body fat much better thanks to the fibre in the cuticle.

Are you sold and now want to try our delicious Genmai Sushi?  We have 7 delicious Genmai recipes for you to choose from:

Menu Genmai

  • Genmai Verde Maki Chicken
  • Genmai Crunch Cali Roll
  • Genmai Roll in Salmon Cheese
  • Genmai Cheese Cali Roll
  • Genmai Verde Maki Salmon
  • Genmai Verde Maki Veggie

Head down to your nearest Sushi Daily kiosk  and try it yourself