1. Apply online
Complete our short application form to request more information. We’d like to understand a little about you, your experience and your plans for operating a Sushi Daily kiosk. If you would like to understand the concept better we strongly recommend you visit your nearest kiosk (please see our location map*)

2. Phone call
Shortly after you submit your form and if you meet our criteria, we’ll contact you and officially introduce you to Sushi Daily. We’ll discuss business opportunities, what we look for in a Sushi kiosk partner and the overall process to join our network. At this point, you’ll have a good understanding of us.

3. Face to face meeting(s)
You’ll be asked to come to our offices so we can meet. During this meeting we will talk about your experience, expectations, we’ll talk more about the Sushi Daily concept in detail and kiosk opening process. The meeting will be around 2 hours long and will be conducted in the local language with just 2 potential business partners

4. Agreement
Yay! At this point both parties are convinced a partnership is the right decision. You will need to put a deposit on the downpayment, sign the pre-contractual agreement, and we’ll plan your training. You will also be setting up your new company.

5. Training
You will receive up to eight weeks of both theoretical and practical training. Training guarantees our standards in hygiene and concept are met so we can ensure a high quality product. It is also important to receive training on how to operate the kiosk itself and how to run a Sushi Daily business. Training delivers a 360 degree view on the business so you are more than ready to operate on your own.

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6. Opening date
You are now ready to open a Sushi Daily kiosk and to delight consumers in your location and be a proud business owner! Congratulations!



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